Lennox GWB8-IE

Standard-Efficiency GWB8-IE Boilers Create a Warm and Energy Efficient Home

Lennox GWB8-IE BoilerIf you only see the name GWB8-IE, it might be hard to tell why this Lennox® boiler is such a great product. We’re here to help you learn about the benefits. Three components define the strengths of this boiler. They include:

Energy efficiency

You’ll see efficiency ratings on this equipment total up to 84.4%, assisted by an electronic ignition control and thick fiberglass insulation. While these features turn the burner on only when it needs to be, they also monitor water temperatures and reduce off-cycle energy losses.


Integrate the GWB8-IE with your radiator system to experience precise heating and warm rooms, regardless of the weather outside.


The GWB8-IE is built with titanium burners and a cast iron heat exchanger. Combined, these two features prevent corrosion and oxidization and will keep your boiler in great working condition for years.

Service Experts Heating & Air Conditioning in Columbus doesn’t just sell this boiler. The GWB8-IE is available in six sizes, so we can install it in most any place you choose in your home. If you happen to need HVAC repair services, you know where to find the experts. Set up an appointment now or call 614-334-3192 so our experts can help you find the GWB8-IE boiler that’s right for you.