5 Ways to Boost Your Home Air Quality in Columbus

You may not have known this, but the air inside your home may be harboring more irritants than outdoor air. These pollutants can exacerbate seasonal allergies here in Columbus. Thankfully, handling your house’s air quality isn’t as complex as you might assume, and with a couple of small, steady switches, you can lessen the probability these irritants and allergens will inconvenience you and your family. Here are five objective actions you can finish to better the air quality in your home:

1. Clean Up

Consistent cleaning to remove dust, debris and dirt is an easy practice to significantly improve the standard of the air in your home. This includes dusting, vacuuming and mopping the parts and floors of your space that are most likely to amass that stuff. If you have animals, you’ll also handle extra fluff and pet dander.

Taking actions to pick up around the exterior of your house is also extremely helpful, particularlly close to the places where your HVAC system is housed. You can remove leftover leaves and garden debris and sweep away mold or mildew. With this regular tidying up, you’ll remove these particles before they have a chance to flow throughout your system, and keep from inhaling any of them!

2. Consider Dumping Man-Made Scents

Even if they fill your space with nice aroma, a variety of frequently bought air fresheners include chemicals that can unfavorably impact your home’s air quality. It can be impossible to maneuver the intricate claims many companies make about the safety of their ingredients. To escape these irritants altogether, search for sprays that don’t include chemical scents as well as non-aerosol. However, if you just have to have that clean lemony scent, give baking soda and recently bought lemons a shot! This natural alternative gives off a pleasing aroma, and is great for air quality. Potpourri and other organic materials are also smart alternatives if you want nice-smelling air without all the mysterious extras.

3. Throw in a Touch of Green

Adding some green plants to your space is another simple, natural method to lift the quality of air in your house. There are so many gorgeous plants that not only look nice but absorb a variety of typical airborne irritants. If you have furry friends, do keep in mind that select plants are toxic. Do some research before selecting any plants and bringing them in your space where your animal can reach them. If that’s one thing you don’t need to think about, add as many to a space as you like! They’ll require adequate sunlight and water, but if you possess a green thumb, plants are one of the most engaging ways you can lighten up your decor and air quality together.

4. Frequently Check and Switch Out Air Filters

As you might imagine, the air filters in your space play a huge part in taking care of the condition of air that goes around your home. Picking the right filter for your Columbus home can help collect and eradicate debris and allergens from your HVAC system, keeping the quality of air excellent. But that’s only part of the battle. Regular maintenance, cleaning and changing of your filter can make sure you have cleaner, healthier air for a time to come, while giving your HVAC system the chance to run at peak efficiency.

5. Work with a Professional

The licensed, insured and fully trained technicians at Stevenson Service Experts in Columbus understand the importance of keeping your home’s air and HVAC system free of pollutants, allergens and other debris. We’ll work hard to keep it that way, and keep your home comfortable. For the best HVAC service!

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